our syllabus. 我们的课程

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Our syllabus is based upon theory and research in child psychology and childhood development, as well as recommendations and guidelines of the Ministry of Education. The content of our curriculum covers the subject as mentioned following:


  • English/ 英语
  • Mandarin / 华语
  • Bahasa Malaysia / 国语
  • Mathematic / 数学
  • Science / 科学
  • Computer / 电脑
  • Art & Craft / 图工
  • Moral / 道德
  • Physical Education / 体育
  • Music / 音乐


Language proficiency directly affects interest and effectiveness in learning. Our kindergarten therefore places great emphasis on student mastery of their English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. We devote a high percentage of learning time to language subjects. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are enhanced through various means such as multi-media learning programmes, reading award schemes and many other language activities and projects.




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